Programmes Offered

B.A Economics

BA in Economics, or Bachelor of Arts in Economics, is a three-year undergraduate degree course pursued by students who aspire to make it big in banking, finance, and other major corporate industries.

M.A Economics

The Master of Arts (MA) in Economics program equips students with advanced knowledge and quantitative skills necessary to work in numerous fields, such as the business world, consulting industry, central government, etc.


Experience a dynamic online B.Com program, offering a comprehensive study of finance, accounting, and business management. Access interactive coursework designed for the digital realm, preparing you for success in the evolving commercial landscape.


Join an online M.Com program focusing on advanced financial strategies, global business, and leadership. Tailored for professionals, the curriculum covers cutting-edge concepts in economics, accounting, and market trends, preparing you for dynamic business environments.


Embark on an online BBA program offering diverse coursework in management, marketing, and business fundamentals. Tailored for a digital environment, this flexible curriculum equips students with strategic skills for the modern corporate landscape.


Enroll in an online MBA program focusing on strategic leadership, global business, and innovation. Tailored for professionals, this curriculum covers advanced management, finance, and entrepreneurship, preparing you for dynamic industry challenges and leadership roles.

BA - Jainology

Explore an online BA in Jainology program, delving into Jain philosophy, history, and cultural studies. Tailored for digital learning, this comprehensive curriculum deepens understanding of Jain principles and practices, fostering cultural appreciation and academic expertise.

MA - Jainology

Engage in an online MA in Jainology program, delving into advanced Jain philosophy, history, and cultural studies. Tailored for digital learning, this comprehensive curriculum explores intricate aspects of Jain principles and practices, fostering expertise and cultural appreciation.

Programme Features

Innovative Pedagogy:

We’ve embraced forward-thinking pedagogy that’s designed to prepare you for the modern world by encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

Personalised Learning Experience:

We believe in offering a personalised learning experience that lets you choose the pace and style of learning that suits you best.

Experiential Learning:

We also provide opportunities for experiential learning, so you can apply your knowledge and skills in real-world situations, giving you an edge in your chosen career.

Global Perspective:

Our curriculum offers a global perspective that incorporates diverse viewpoints and experiences, which we believe are essential to succeeding in the interconnected global economy.

Industry Connections:

We have strong industry connections, giving you access to valuable networking opportunities, internships, and placement assistance to help you get ahead.

Student Support:

At our institution, we understand that students need comprehensive support to succeed. That’s why we offer 24*7 student support services, including academic advising and career counselling.